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If you’re anything like me, then you have always been a bit of a dreamer. 

People Say you have your head in the clouds or you are always coming up with ideas on how you can help people or solve problems. 

Why are people so quick to pour cold water on your dreams? Because you hold a mirror up to them when you achieve your goals. You chasing your dreams makes them feel inferior, it makes them feel lost. 
Your true friends are people that will support you know matter what. The good news is you will have a few of them; The even better news is that I'm going to help you have a lot more people in your corner, clapping when you're winning and chanting your name when you achieve those dreams. 
The Story (Why?)
So why did I create Dream Chasers? Over seven years ago I was a struggling personal Trainer still living with my parents. I had ambitions to be financially free, to help more people and Travel the world. I knew I could not do that by being chained to my Gym and stuck working 80 hours a week. 

I Have been a budding Entrepreneur since my school days, selling Clothing in class, setting up a gardening business in the school holidays to graduating from University and becoming a Fitness Entrepreneur. During my trainer Days, I got lucky…. (OK, you make your own luck, but I guess the stars aligned.) I Found Personal development and Self-help…Stuff I wish they had taught us in school. I watched the Youtube videos and listened to the audiobooks. I was hooked! 

Success Leaves Clues. It really is that simple! 

So if this has worked for these people, why the hell cant it work for me? I started to implement what I had learned. I then found a product I could believe in and a company that I could align myself with! What started as a part-time Business opportunity; made me a Millionaire commission earner and helped me get on shows and stages with John .C. Maxwell, Grant Cardone, and Eric Worre. 

It also allowed me to travel around the world and buy holiday homes in some beautiful countries. 

However, better than all that. It gave me the Financial Freedom to take my whole Family to Canada For 3 Weeks of what I call memory Creating! I'm talking Vineyards, Seaplanes, Ocra Watching, Surfing, Helicopter rides…I mean, who would not want to put their mum and dad on a Helicopter for the 1st time in their lives! 

The list of Cool Stuff goes on, but this is not about me it's about you! 

My passion lies in helping the people who have a Dream, and they’re Chasing it! My Job is to help you get there and then Celebrate with you when You make it happen! 

What is a Dream Chaser?
So what is a Dream Chaser?

Put simply, Dream Chasers is an online community of Entrepreneurs who all have a Dream! 

They come from all walks of life and different types of business ideas, jobs or concepts. From online Marketing, affiliate marketing or network marketing to even owning a flower shop, or being an entrepreneur! 

I guess the Phrase would be Different Vehicles but the same goals and similar blueprints. The only way to achieve success is by helping others to do the same! 

Lesson 1, this is a freebie, add value to the market whether you get paid for it or not! 
Business. Body. Brain.
Over the last few years, I have developed a concept I like to call Business, Body, Brain. It's a three-pronged strategy to help you prioritize the important stuff in your life and achieve your goals.

I truly believe if you want to achieve your dreams you need a Business. A business that can be built on residual income, a business that is systemised, so you sell it or walk away from it if you want to. 

You also need the body. Your body is the only place you have to live, so you need to look after it. However, how can you maximize it? How can you get the most output? What hacks can you learn from a nutritional and training point of view? Looking after your body means your Brain output improves. 

So Brain is the 3rd part of the Jigsaw. What you think is how you Feel, How you Feel a direct impact on what you do and how you do it! Feeding your brain the right information and then learning how to turn that into action is vital when it comes to chasing those Dreams and achieving them. 

How many times have you Started something and never finished it? 
Had a Great idea but didn’t even Start it? 
Do 90% of the work but never get paid for it? 

See, we only get paid for DONE!

If This Manifesto Resonates Deeply With You, Then You Can Say With Confidence...
Dream Chasers will help you with these 5 Key principles:
Principle 1: Creating your Vision
Principle 2: Focusing on What You Do Best
Principle 3: Get amongst the Right people
Principle 4: Staying accountable 
Principle 5: Completing what you set out to do
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